Hydro One Networks

  • Location: Toronto, ON
  • Architect: BGIS
  • Industry: Workplace
  • Photography: Karl Hipolito Photography

The Collective worked alongside architecture firm BGIS to refresh existing office space with a new hoteling style. The Collective reconfigured a very traditional workstation-based environment, transforming it into a finished workspace that feels more open, inviting, and attractive using modern furniture to promote multiple ways of working and meeting.

The open floor plan mixes paneled workstations, private meeting/phone areas, and collaboration zones for employees to work in a variety of ways. The stunning interiors feature bright colors on the walls and flooring, and biophilic elements to complement the premium furniture.

The Collective procured a mix of brands, including Teknion, Studio TK, Keilhauer, and Spacefile, for 249 workstations, 45 open meeting areas, and 43 lounge-style work areas. Teknion hiSpace 120-degree height adjustable solution optimizes how users work, offering a fluid and interconnected work environment with Leverage storage. Banqs are nestled adjacent to the workstations to form multi-use spaces.

Fractals seating and Routes laptop tables support the worker and groups of team-based workers in the open meeting area. Zones Screens create a myriad of planning possibilities with various levels of privacy and functionality.