Architectural Walls

Prefab Walls. Custom Made.

Teknion is North America’s leading innovator and manufacturer of prefabricated interior construction systems. Architectural Products Division (APD) is staffed with experienced construction professionals. Our affiliated company is a California “B’ licensed contractor. Whether it be a single glass storefront installation or a fast-paced multi-floor undertaking, our team has managed millions of dollars in projects for some of the largest companies in the world. Together, Teknion is committed to superb customer service and on-time completion.


    Our walls work like LEGOs. Everything connects together so you can reconfigure, repurpose, and renew your space. Want to swap solid panels for a writeable panel, or move walls to accommodate a different size conference room? We got you covered.

    Tinkering Encouraged

    Our walls perform like permanent walls, except interiors can be disassembled, moved and reconfigured with ease. There is no need to cut through materials and shut down your space for routine updates and repairs. Laminates and fabrics can be easily swapped to allow a creative application of finishes.

    Cost Competitive

    Reduced cost of change, easier construction and installation all make architectural walls an attractive investment. For tax purposes in North America, Teknion architectural walls are classified as office furniture and equipment, and as a result their cost can be depreciated on an accelerated basis versus fixed construction.

    Peace and Quiet

    Teknion architectural walls deliver a high level of acoustic performance, while also allowing access to natural light. This enables the creation of a quiet private office, telephone room, or meeting room.

    Environmentally Sustainable

    Architectural walls reduce drywall construction and carpet waste, and also preserves air quality associated with lack of drywall and paint fumes. Teknion architectural walls also support LEED initiatives.

    APD Team

    Mike Clow
    Vice President,
    Architectural Products

    Mike Slevin
    Vice President,
    Architectural Products

    Jessica Chao
    Design Manager,
    Architectural Products