The Energy of Being

Why do we scream at sporting events, sing fight songs, do elaborate TikTok dances knowing we have zero rhythm? We are part of a group, at the same place, at the same time, hoping for the same result. We get swept up in the euphoria and energy.

We find bliss in these moments of Collective Effervescence, a heavily-researched term in sociology to describe the sense of energy and harmony people feel when united by a shared purpose. Renowned sociologist Emile Durkheim coined this term back in 1912, and it couldn’t be more relevant to the modern workplace.

Bring Your Own Mute Button

The joy of coming together is something we’ve been missing.


  1. Productivity Bump

    Employee happiness increases productivity by 12%.

  2. Staff Retention

    Retention rates in happy companies can be up to four times higher.

  3. Smiling

    People are five times more likely to smile when in groups.

  4. Well Being

    Through connecting, caring, and contributing – people appear to be more likely to gain well-being.

Creating the Future of Work

Try as we might working from home, there’s only so much we can do solo. We cannot recreate the electricity of being with others. Will we return to the workplace full time? Probably not. Will we work from home full time? Probably not either. It’s more likely that the future of work will encapsulate hybrid workplaces and styles.

Teknion has developed thought starters for remapping the workplace the built environment in a smart, equitable, and inclusive way.

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  1. PHASE 1
  2. PHASE 2
  3. PHASE 3

    The Flexible Office

    As workers return to the office, high density, permanent-address workstations may be reconfigured to spaces offering diverse work choices.


    Energizing Social Spaces

    An inviting social space facilitates performance and collaboration. A mix of materials and textures suggests a residential comfort and warmth, while a mix of seating permits varied work styles and postures.


    Adaptable Meetings

    Reinvigorate meeting rooms into more agile settings with moveable furniture and the ability to reorganize the space as needed. Soft seating, rugs, and decorations add comfort and a residential feel that departs from the formality of a conference room.


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