VCO + Office Source
+ SCI Interiors = The Collective

The Collective is Here.

VCO, Office Source, and SCI Interiors have combined into The Collective. In 2016, VCO acquired Office Source and SCI and have been in a partnership ever since. To further align our processes, people, and resources together, we have created a fresh brand to communicate our global vision better. Through our new brand, we aim to further enhance our customer service, product offering, and North American capabilities.

What’s in the name?

We came up with dozens of names. We tried bold names, short names, long names, animal names, and made-up names. This one fit just right.

Is The Collective still a Teknion Dealer?

Yes! We are proud to be one of the few Teknion Platinum Certified dealers in the world.

I’m a client. What does this new brand mean to me?

You will continue to work with your same point of contact previously through VCO, Office Source, or SCI Interiors. You can continue to buy all the same products and services.

Are existing quotes with VCO, Office Source, and SCI still valid?

All contracts and quotes under our ‘old’ names will remain valid. Future quotes and contracts will be issued under The Collective.

Our legal business name is updated slightly to Business Furniture Solutions d.b.a The Collective. Please make sure to update your records, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

How do I contact my sales rep?

Phone numbers will stay the same, and emails will automatically direct you to the rep’s new email address. Your sales or account manager will give you their new contact information soon.

If you'd like to update your records with your account person's new email, our emails are [firstinitial][lastname]

Has your legal name changed? Do I need new paperwork from you?

Our legal name, Business Furniture Solutions, Inc., and our federal corporate identification number (FEIN) has not changed.

Who can I contact with information regarding payments and invoicing?

For USA customer invoice questions, please contact

For USA vendor invoice questions or submittals, please contact

For Canada invoicing, please contact