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For us, the process is as important as the product. We made ours simple and efficient, with experts to handle each step seamlessly. From planning your dream space of today to reconfiguring years down the road, we are in this to create an experience and a result that wows.

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    The Start

    First things first, we learn how you work to understand what will work. We get to know your company culture, logistics, how teams interact and expected future growth.

    • Kickoff meeting (listen, engage, dig deep)
    • Brainstorming
    • Budget and Schedule Creation
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    The Plan

    We create visuals to share with your employees, stakeholders and architects. Based on your space, design, lead times and cost objectives, we present furniture options that best suit your needs.

    • Detailed Furniture Specifications with finishes, colors and selected options
    • Quote Creation and Approval
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    The Details

    We meticulously review furniture specifications to ensure they integrate with the building architecture and consult architectural plans to identify any potential space challenges.

    • Dedicated on-site field manager to verify measurements
    • Attend all project & construction meetings
    • Oversee and provide regular updates on status, budget and schedule
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    The Schedule

    With the furniture package selected, the layout plans and pricing approved, we will track the delivery and provide constant communication to ensure the project remains on schedule.

    • Furniture schedule with installation milestones
    • Order tracking and coordination with multiple vendors
  • Teknion installation team

    The Install

    Our team will oversee all activity, from truck arrival to the placement of the last piece. We invite you to join us for a thorough walkthrough of your space to ensure complete satisfaction.

    • Jobsite walkthrough before and after delivery
    • Protect jobsite & oversee from receipt of furniture through installation
    • Formal punchlist with client / design team
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    The Reveal

    We will celebrate with you and then provide everything you need for the long haul. Our team is available for any ongoing maintenance, warranty and updates.

    • Ongoing “Day 2” post occupancy and maintenance services as needed
    • Standards guide & furniture catalog to reference for future growth

It all starts with a plan.

Whether you’re reorganizing, building a brand-new space, consolidating locations, or just looking to maximize your existing space, we can help create a high performance environment. Our CAD designers take into account proper clearances, electrical, and architectural elements when proposing a plan to meet your business needs.

Space planning services include

  • Fit check for current needs and growth requirements
  • 3D rendering of furniture and virtual visualization
  • Programming and square foot optimization
  • Code and ADA compliant design
  • Block plan and furniture typical design
  • Interior specifications including walls, flooring, artwork, and accessories
  • Interior color palette and branded environments
  • U-shaped desk isometric drawing
  • U-shaped desk rendering

    Change shouldn’t be a challenge

    Our people, process and partners make sourcing your next office seamless and hassle-free.

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    Specifying Every Detail

    A key part of any project team, our experienced specifiers understand every nuance of office furnishings. They can see the vision of the finished workspace as well as the big picture of what it actually takes to make it a reality. With years of experience working on the company’s largest accounts, they can offer surprising solutions to thorny design problems. Our specifying department utilizes the latest design technology available, including AutoCAD and CAP, allowing us to provide the visuals our clients need to make key product decisions for their space.

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    Accurate Project Management

    Ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information to be able to make timely and accurate decisions is critical. Historically, teams in the field were often disconnected with teams in the office resulting in a number of issues. Our teams use proprietary software to view drawings, documents, specs, punchlists, RFIs, photos, installation instructions and more in real time, from anywhere.

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    As our client's needs outgrow the state of provincial lines of our showroom locations, our coverage doesn’t have to stop there. We regularly partner with our clients on projects located across North America to provide a consistent, single point of contact. We aid in the development of standardized programs for your brand, and utilize our proven network of hundreds of installation companies in every state and province. We also dedicate a project manager to be present on every job site no matter where the project is located.

    Your Personal Furniture Shopper

    As the way work has changed, so have the spaces that we work in. The ancillary furniture category, which encompasses lounge, coffee tables, lighting, accessories, and more, is becoming primary furniture.

      Ancillary is the New Primary

      We have ancillary curators who have years of experience in the industry, cultivating relationships with dozens of manufacturers and keeping up with the latest furniture trends in order to meet your needs. Our team folds seamlessly into the larger project team and can help identify, evaluate and vet various product options for every area of the workspace—saving design firm partners hours and clients dollars.

      Alternate Selections

      No need to comb through thousands of furniture pieces to find the perfect ancillary product for your environment. We have access to hundreds of manufacturers and can identify a variety of ancillary options alongside design firm partners. These ‘alternate’ selections can save budget and fit within a tight timeline.

      Custom Solutions

      When specified furniture doesn’t meet all your needs, we can help customize a piece to your liking. We have access to manufacturers across the globe to create a bespoke solution for your environment.

      • Studio TK showroom with Pala Lounge Chair
      • ancillary seating: one camel chair and one white chair
      • ancillary thought starter drawing

      200,000 square feet of storage space.
      Now that’s a lot of furniture.

      We have warehouses in both the Bay Area and Toronto, and across North America through our proven network, where we can receive and store product. With our combined 200,000 square feet of warehouse space, you can be confident in having your inventory stored and protected until it’s needed.


      Temperature Controlled

      Keep a cool head with our temperature controlled warehouses. We guarantee safety, quality, and reliability of your products for short and long term durations.

      Real Time Visibility

      We use proprietary state-of-the-art software to ensure that your products are managed and organized effectively. This gives us complete and real time visibility to speed up decision making and save costs.