Snowflake: Dublin Campus

Snowflake_Dublin_Collaboration2 furnished by The Collective
  • Location: Dublin, CA
  • Architect: Studio G
  • Industry: Workplace
  • Photography: Emily Hagopian

The Collective worked with Snowflake as they upgraded from a temporary space in the Bay Area to a 40,000-square-foot permanent hub in Dublin, California. The office offers layouts conducive to different ways of working for their employees, with a fluid mix of focus space and break out collaboration areas. The variety of spaces are all tied together through a variety of themed working areas that encapsulate the Snowflake brand.

Snowflake_Dublin_Entrance furnished by The Collective Snowflake_Dublin_Ancillary furnished by The Collective

The style of the Dublin workplace is universally snow themed with unexpected moments incorporated into the design with the intent to create a sense of curiosity. Palettes are a layered mix of different textures and materiality. Finishes include "icy" inspired materials combined with color pops in various contrasting shades of branding colors.

Snowflake_Dublin_Collaboration furnished by The Collective
Snowflake_Dublin_Worksations furnished by The Collective
Snowflake_Dublin_Meeting furnished by The Collective

The space consists of 230 workstations in an open plan setting, with Teknion used for desking and casegoods. Other areas include all hands room, meeting rooms, executive suites, project rooms, phone rooms, and informal lounges to focus. Workspaces are thoughtful and focused on the employee experience. Playful ancillary furniture and a custom artwork throughout add visual interest to the space.

Snowflake_Dublin_Conference furnished by The Collective