Celebrating Black History Month

Published: February 2, 2024

Celebrating Black History Month

We are proud to support Black History Month for the month of February. This month, we’re celebrating black organizations and creatives that help push boundaries within the AEC industry and beyond.


BAIDA: Building Up Black Design Futures

BAIDA believes in the future of Black Architecture and Interior Design. The organization works collaboratively to build up Black representation in the Canadian built environment. Most recently, The Collective and Teknion hosted a CEU event with BAIDA to engage black students with the architecture community and educate on design best practices. Teknion’s A&D Market Manager, Danella Khoshabeh, presented “Split Personalities” CEU, delving into the evolving landscape of workplace design trends. Designers were separated into breakout groups to discuss strategies for optimizing workspaces to meet diverse social and functional needs.

BAIDA event with The Collective and Teknion



IIDA NC EDI – The International Interior Design’s EDI Committee that strives to nourish, train, and uplift diverse backgrounds into the design community. The Collective is proud to support IIDA Northern California for the past five years.

JUST LABEL – a ‘nutrition label’ for businesses. Our closest manufacturer partner, Teknion, is proud to be one of the first companies in furniture manufacturing to receive its label. https://living-future.org/just/

BBSD – a 12-week mentorship program for Black high school students interested in architecture, art, and design.

Get REAL – a Canadian non-profit that offers a variety of educational workshops.