Our Top Picks From NeoCon 2021

Published: October 10, 2021

NeoCon is one of the most exciting events of the year for the commercial design industry. Each year, manufacturers across the commercial design industry compete for recognition for their latest product introductions. Here are our favorite picks from Neocon 2021.


1.   Essa Chair by Teknion

 Best of Neocon 2021Teknion Essa Chair The Collective

Designed for Teknion by Pearson Lloyd, the Essa task chair takes its name from the word essence, selected to capture its pared-down scale and pure, sculptural shape.  A soft task chair, Essa takes cues from a classic club chair – stressing simplicity, softness, and rich materiality.  In essence, the chair looks like the comfort that it is.

Given the move towards an office with a “softer edge”, the need for a light, less technical task chair has emerged.  Essa combines elegance with ergonomics, providing just the right amount of support through curves and contours rather than multiple adjustment mechanisms.  Promoting natural shifts in position, Essa is ideal for mobile workers and active work settings.

2.   Hex by OFS

Hex was designed for these purposes, inspiring creativity in workspace or education environments. The honeycomb shape of Hex allows for easy reconfiguration and adaptability to create more inviting layouts. Integrate a wall for division and privacy, add power for that extra charge, accessorize with a markerboard or purse hook, or be playful with contrasting textiles. Hex offers the opportunity for your imagination to let go and create spaces where you can thrive.

3.   Hag by 9to5

 HiP Award winner 2021, Metropolis Likes 2021

9to5 Seating is excited to announce the US arrival of the HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls — movement task seating solutions timed perfectly with the active seating movement. The HÅG Capisco and HÅG Capisco Puls, designed by legendary designer Peter Opsvik, have curved seats, reminiscent of a saddle to promote natural upright positioning along with treaded footrests for relaxation or to help you shift into different positions.

4.   Routes by Teknion

 HiP Award winner 2021


Routes depart from conventional contract furniture with a toolbox of boldly conceived products that are simple and able. The collection allows one to build up a complete workspace for a small, tight-knit studio or create casual “pop-up” work hubs across the expanse of a corporate headquarters. Routes readily adapt to spaces big and small, to the requirements of an established enterprise, and to the needs of those who work at home.

Light, agile and mobile, Routes encourages people to move about and to move their furniture around, to make or unmake a space in which to think, meet or create. The collection is made up of furniture, lighting, and accessories, given fresh yet familiar forms that are easy to understand and to specify; easy to assemble, configure and use.


5.   Fractals Nook by Studio Tk

HiP Award winner 2021

Fractals Nook Teknion Neocon The Collective

Fractals Nook, an extension of the Fractals Seating product, uses an organic high shell with an added worksurface to create an intimate desk carrel for heads-down work. Fractals Nook allows users to create a distraction-free zone for work. The natural curves of Fractals create unique space planning capabilities for social spaces that require the need for privacy. The addition of the Fractals Nook now allows for new planning scenarios for the complete Fractals line. It offers the ability to intertwine high back lounge pieces with high desk nooks.

Fractals Nook allows the same broad canvas of the lounge series for the selection of multiple fabrics and finishes to create your own distinctive look. Powdercoat finishes on both the legs and the inner frame are chosen individually as well as inner and outer fabric selection for those environments that encourage space division emphasized by the finish.


6.   Adapt Sectional by Hightower

Metropolis Likes Award Winner

High Tower Adapt NeoCon Roundup The Collective

Hightower’s Adapt lounge seating line comes from a partnership with Australian design firm Ross Gardam. The piece aims to reflect the ‘Australian lifestyle’ with its casually sophisticated expression. Soft lines and multiple reconfiguration possibilities allow it to complement any space from corporate to hospitality settings.

7.   Crop by Allermuir

Best of Neocon

Crop Allermuir Neocon The Collective

Crop is a cute and simple – yet very durable – family of outdoor chairs from Allermuir. The seating line gets its name from the enigmatic rolling fields of crops in the British countryside, which are represented in the flowing parallel wires of the seating forms. Great for café and outdoor lounges in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings.