Our Products

We partner with hundreds of furniture manufacturers and workplace designers to provide a range of product solutions. We can source products to furnish an entire office, from the reception to the café, and the workstation to the private office. We are an authorized Teknion dealer with hundreds of premium manufacturers that have passed our requirements for quality and functionality.

Featured Product

Inspired by the concept of a Jacob’s Ladder, a toy made up of loosely bonded segments, Bonds employs a unique mechanism that connects individual units in countless configurations.

The Jacob’s Ladder concept is enabled with a strap kit attachment that remains invisible until put in use. The straps are attached at the bottom corner which allows a unit to pivot at either end. The unit can be turned clockwise or counterclockwise a full 180º yet remains attached, allowing for adaptation while providing a degree of control over spur-of-the-moment repositioning by users.

Bonds creates an impression of simplicity and ease through softened edges sheathed in fabric that appears to be folded up and over the top of the seat. Double-stitched seams add a visual and tactile detail that contributes to durability and length of life, as well as aesthetics.

Architectural Walls

Demountable wall systems provide a cost effective and stylish way to partition space, create acoustical privacy, and adapt with your office needs. Use of laminate, veneer, glass and fabric allows for a creative application of finishes and aesthetics.

Learn more about our Architectural Products Division.

Office Seating

Office seating is the lifeblood of the workplace. We source a variety of office seating to accommodate an endless number of applications from conference chairs, task chairs, multi-use chairs.


Outdoor spaces provide an opportunity to refresh and recharge, and are one of the more popular requests for an alternative workspace. They can provide a social space for group gatherings or individual lounging.


Add flair and personality into a room, or transition the workspace from a fixed environment to a collaborative one. The next generation of workers find greater value in shared and social settings where workers can come together to inspire community, collaboration and learning.

Ergonomics and Accessories

The modern office emphasizes healthy and sustainable workplaces. Applying ergonomics to the workspace is not only good for energy and productivity, but also for overall health. Standing at work burns more calories, increase blood circulation, and improves focus.


A conference room should impress clients and enhance a meeting. We source a collection of beautiful and finely crafted tables in a variety of sizes, materials and finishes to match your desired look and feel.


A collection of premium Teknion workstations can be configured in a variety of ways to fit your floor plan. Teknion workstations are scalable, easily installed, and reconfigurable to adapt to new demands or evolving work patterns.

Solutions for Physical Distancing

Products to navigate physical distancing goals in the workplace, including wayfinding, anti-microbial fabrics, screens, and more.